Fleet Driver Training

If you have a company that employs drivers, or contractors who drive for you then you and your drivers could benefit from this course!

Not sure if you require it – check out this LINK – then feel free to give me a call.

What is it?

Well, it’s an assessment of their drive followed by remedial action to correct any faults found on the drive, increasing their safety for them, the vehicle and other road users. Not forgetting other benefits like saving fuel and being more considerate to the vehicle perhaps making brakes and tyres last longer!

Even saving you money on your insurance – now that can’t be bad….

What else can I offer you?

As a company you need to do regular checks on your drivers driving licences, this is all managed online – I can do that for you and update you on  a regular basis.

I can ensure that you, your company and your drivers has the correct process in place to ensure you, and your drivers and vehicles are kept safe on the roads.

How does it start? Once simple call to me 0800 083 1184.



Contact me NOW for a chat  0800 083 1184.