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If at first you don’t succeed…

Reports have emerged of a woman who has sadly failed her theory test a staggering 105 times, costing her an estimated £3,000.

The details appeared when the DVSA released a list of ‘most theory test attempts’ by individuals. She has topped the list for the last few years. Second place goes to a gentleman with 84 attempts. Wow – that is dedication!

This raises the question: Are there some people who just can’t pass the theory test?

The opinion that anyone should be able to pass the theory test, given sufficient training, and hate to think of these poor people wasting any more money.

Source – Theory Test Pro – November 2012.

A regular question we get asked is – How long will it take for me to pass?

No simple answer but the DVSA figures state on average the number of lessons to pass is: 

47 PLUS 20 hours with Family. 

So with 1 hour a week you are looking at this time next year to be qualified!


2 Hour lessons can reduce the time to 18 weeks and cost £1008!


Here is an interesting fact about observations at junctions – 

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