It’s going to be HOT HOT HOT!

Don’t forget to still check your car over as if it’s winter! Check coolant, Screen wash, Oil’s and Tyres.

Check Windscreen for Cracks – as your cold Air Conditioning on the screen could make that chip a crack – needing a new screen.

For long journeys have regular breaks – Have refreshing drinks – INSIDE the car – no point in the boot.

And living by the coast (also with Glorious Goodwood on) traffic is going to be even heavier than normal – so plan your route and time of travel accordingly.

Stay Safe everyone – so we all can enjoy this superb weather.

It’s raining again…..

For some of us today is the first day it’s rained for a very long time. Ensure your windscreen is clean because of oily deposits that have come from the vehicles in front and don’t forget the roads will be slippery with that oil which will be lifted as the rains hit… why not give a 5 or 6 second gap between you and the car in front rather than pushing it… and possibly regretting it.. they may stop – CAN YOU!

Are you dreaming?

Every morning, you have two choices;

Continue to sleep with your dreams,
Or wake up and chase them.

Every pro was once an Amateur,
Every expert was once a beginner,
So, dream big, and start now!

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