Motorway Lessons on the way!

If you have kept up to date with the news, you will have seen that Learners will be allowed on Motorways – with a qualified Driving Instructor ONLY – from the 4th June 2018!
What does that mean for you?  
Well I have a 100 mile round trip planned and takes 2 1/2 hours – This takes us on the M27, M275 (Portsmouth) and M271 (Southampton).  
Now this is a lot of driving – so more than happy to arrange a “co-driver” – one drives there – the other drives back.  Or you can arrange with a friend who is having lessons with me.  ** YOU MUST have already done the Dual carriageway run before this can be undertaken!

Now is the time to get that driving licence! That dream can start right here!

Don’t delay call today!

So many people regret putting off taking driving lessons – Don’t be one of those people!  We already have bookings for December 2018!

Do you know when you want to start your lessons?  Then call today to ensure we can start your lessons at the time that suits you!


Please ensure you have applied for / or already have your Provisional Licence with B entitlement.

Apply for your FIRST licence HERE

Don’t delay – call today – 07930 310839 for more details.